Paws for Praise
Professional  Dog Training & Behavior Modification
119 Liberty Street, 2nd Floor, Danvers, Ma 01923
Rosco's mom was discouraged in the beginning. She almost wanted to give up on him - after all, he was an adolescent dog with an adolescent brain. Jean Donaldson affectionately calls them "lemon brains" in her seminal book on dogs, "The Culture Clash" - which is our top-rated recommendation if you can only read one dog book!  But then, something miraculous started to happen. Rosco's mom kept training, using fun positive methods she learned at class here at Paws for Praise, and Rosco kept getting better.  Look at him now!  He's a therapy dog who helps kids to read better, and his mom couldn't be more proud of him.   We're proud of all our students, but especially the ones like Rosco that do so well and stay in their forever homes making people happy.  So - our main training hint is DON'T GIVE UP. And, of course call us if you run in to a snag now and then.

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